According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 57 out of every 100 Mexican households have pets.

July 21, 2021

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In many Mexican families, pets are like a member of them According to National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) , 57 out of 100 Mexican households have pets. According to this report, dogs account for 85% of domestic pets in our country.

July 21 is World Dog Day. In this case, it is important to remember the importance of these animals in our lives and how we protect them.

“Some financial products, such as insurance, can help us protect our pets in the event of unforeseen events. Iván Hernández, Coru’s co-founder and product owner, points out that these products can help our pets cause any damage to hairdressers Bear health complications or expenses.

There are some insurances on the market that can protect your economy in an emergency. According to Coru, these are the reasons why it is worth buying insurance for your fur:

  • Take care of your health . Buying insurance for your pet can reduce your burden. If your pet has health problems, this product will provide you with protection. Generally speaking, this type of insurance covers medical expenses caused by accidents or unpreventable diseases. The coverage of some policies can also include vaccination plans, telephone medical treatment and veterinary advice.
  • Damage to third parties . With this type of product, you can protect yourself from the possibility of accidental damage to property, another pet or person by your dog. For example, insurance can cover medical expenses and care needed by people who have had an accident with your pet. These products are designed so that you only need to worry about the health of your best friend.
  • In the worst case . Pet insurance can help you and your family members when they encounter difficulties, such as the death or sacrifice of your pet after an accident. In the event of death, insurance may cover part of the funeral expenses and even pay compensation.
  • Protection in case of theft or loss This is a situation that no one wants to experience with pets, but it may be a possibility. If your dog or cat gets lost, the insurance company will provide legal advice, and in some cases, they can also pay compensation.

Is there any pet insurance?

In the Mexican market, there are many options to protect your pets. These are some of the most prominent options:

Pet Insurance-BBVA Bancomer . Through this insurance, you can get benefits such as dog or cat grooming, compensation of up to 10,000 pesos to third parties, annual vaccine costs, medical guidance and veterinary services at home or in the office. To get this insurance, your pet must be a domestic dog or cat and be between 6 months and 9 years old. This insurance is renewed once a year until the animal reaches 12 years of age. You can cancel at any time.

Pet Insurance-Mapfre . This insurance covers medical expenses caused by unpreventable accidents or diseases, funeral expenses, insurance for third-party damage, search expenses in the event of loss, death or forced sacrifice expenses, etc. To get this insurance, your pet must be between 6 months and 7 years old and have a valid vaccination card, deworming and photo at the time of employment.

Pet Insurance–Sura The insurance covers the cost of damage to third parties caused by attacks, bites and material damage. It also includes veterinary expenses and medicines. If your pet is lost or stolen, Sura is committed to helping you find it. The policy also includes funeral expenses and the application of euthanasia. Grooming, bathing and dog walking services are other benefits.


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