In the past few months, I have encountered various “online stylist” jobs. If you are someone who has an eye for fashion and absolutely loves combining clothes, then you will want to keep reading because you can actually get paid at home.

Here are the different ways you can use Work from home as a stylist.

If any of the tasks listed below are closed when you visit the link, be sure to check back! The recruitment needs of various companies are constantly changing.

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1-Suture repair

Stitch Fix is ​​a company that sends monthly subscription boxes to fashion lovers.

Basically it works by registering, providing Stitch Fix information about your personal style, and then every month you will receive a box full of clothes selected by the Stitch Fix stylist according to your personal preferences. You keep and pay for the clothes you want and send the rest back. This is an interesting and very popular service!

There are almost always remote job vacancies from home stylists on the Stitch Fix career page, which means you can be the one who chooses clothes for Stitch Fix subscribers!

These are part-time positions (15-29 hours per week) and they are location-based because you need to attend a 5-6 hour training course before working from home. After 90 days as a stylist, you may be eligible to start working full-time.

Moreover, you can discount the clothes you buy through StitchFix!

Stitch Fix hires remote stylists in the United States and the United Kingdom.

You can find the location of the remote stylist by going here. You can also read our Comments on suture repair.

2 – Taelor, Inc

Taelor, Inc. is a newer men’s clothing subscription service. They are currently looking for a team of stylists working from home to help their clients design styles.

According to the job description, you need to work 10-20 hours a week, and your annual income is between US$40 and US$50,000.

Online styling experience is preferred, but not required. You must also be familiar with computers and writing.

to here Apply to Taelor, Inc.

3-Williams Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma often seeks home stylists to help their clients design their houses and businesses. This is a remote job open in several different locations across the country.

The wage rate is not listed, but many benefits are provided. Requires interior design certification.

to here Apply to Williams-Sonoma for the position of remote stylist.


Motiff is hiring a remote sales stylist. The annual salary is slightly more than $30,000.

This is a full-time position and requires at least a high school diploma.

to here Learn more and apply at Motiff.

If you apply for any of the above items, good luck

Looking for more work from home jobs?

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