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Which is the better investment: stocks or real estate?

Due to the uniqueness of real estate, it is difficult to compare apples to apples. But from about 40 years of personal experience, I think both are important components of a balanced investment portfolio. I made a lot of money in both of these areas.

The main difference: Stocks are easy to buy, sell and track. On the other hand, real estate is not traditionally the case.

When you hear someone talking about investing in real estate, you might imagine a hapless landlord cleaning, painting, mowing and praying that their tenants will pay the rent next month.

Although this is not accurate—I lived the version of a real estate investor when I was young—there are now ways to invest in land and buildings without the use of lawn mowers and paint cans. There are real estate opportunities that do not require large amounts of cash, sweat assets, or even much supervision.

This is this week “Money!” Podcast its about. We will discuss all the different ways of investing in real estate, both traditional and cutting-edge.

Listening and sometimes contributing are producers and novice investors Aaron Freeman. This week we welcome guest Brian Davis Money destroyer.

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