After previewing the options under development last month, Twitter is now available Real-time testing of hashtags in SpacesThis will enable the platform to better highlight related Spaces chats to interested users, which may expand the coverage of audio broadcasts.

As you can see here, new Spaces hashtags can be added during the setup process, and Space creators can add up to three hashtags per session.

As explained Twitter:

When creating or arranging a space, some people on Android can select up to 3 topics from our list of top 10 topics to tag it.But currently there are only 10 themes, we will expand as we build together. “

Therefore, your options are currently quite limited, only 10 tabs are available in total, and they are only available on Android. However, our idea is that it will provide another way for Twitter to maximize the reach of Spaces, by showing people the ongoing broadcast based on the topics people are participating in in the app.

The question then is where Twitter might show these spaces and how it will define coverage.

Now, Twitter will show you the ongoing Spaces of the people you follow at the top of the application, where Fleets used to be-maybe, with this addition, Twitter can also expand it to Spaces on Topics that you also follow, Let people know relevant content at any time.

Twitter can also use its dedicated Space tab, And may or may not be available to all users at a certain stage in the future.

Twitter space tab

Either way, it’s an important element-because although Spaces can be a fascinating and interesting choice, now, for most Spaces broadcasts, you can’t know when they happen unless you operate the app exactly the right way People in the program.

To be fair, transferring into Spaces from the people you follow may be the biggest use case for this option. But if Twitter wants to maximize audio social usage and increase engagement through Spaces broadcasts, it also needs to show each Space to the largest potential audience-so honing key interests is a key step, which will help To increase the number of listeners and subscriptions, based on Spaces content.

In fact, if Twitter fails to detect it correctly, people will quickly lose interest in Spaces. Clubhouse users have regretted the increasing number of rooms in the app because it is open to all users, which makes it more difficult to find relevant and interesting discussions at any given time.

If people can’t find the content they want to adjust, they don’t need to make a lot of effort, and they will stop trying-even if the subject-based sorting is added, there will still be a certain degree of filtering to obtain actual, high-quality broadcasts and events. Broadcasters on themes.

Ideally, even if hashtags are not required, Twitter can rely on its algorithmic ranking to highlight the relevant space in each user’s exploration feed, because it can determine possible topics based on each broadcaster’s profile. But based on the topic recommendations I have seen on Twitter, I don’t quite believe it-this again emphasizes manually entered hashtags as a means of maximizing listeners.

This is an important element. Although it is only in limited form right now, you can expect Twitter to develop rapidly because it hopes to promote Spaces in the next few months.


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