Trade war mistakes?China is freeing up the crypto battlefield to Bank of America

While China is declaring war on cryptocurrencies, the giant US banks seem to be embracing crypto-in the last week of July, the news that crypto company Lukka will provide is clear Road Fu Street (NYSE:) Clients of bank private equity funds Provide digital and encrypted asset fund management services.This is after the following people entered the cryptocurrency field Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE code:), JP Morgan Chase (NYSE code:), Citigroup (New York Stock Exchange:) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE:) Among the heavyweights of traditional banks.

Is it too early to talk about trends and counter-trends? If a trade war breaks out between the United States and China, as many people believe, why China rejects cryptocurrencies, and some of the largest Western financial institutions that have long been cautious about cryptocurrencies seem to see new blockchain-based Value digital currency?