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I have been a professional developer since 2005, which has given me the experience of creating almost any custom code I want. However, when it comes to real-world business applications, WordPress is my first choice in almost all situations, because it almost always makes the most sense for the business.

Problems with paid platforms

When choosing a platform, you have a lot of choices. Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace are some of the most popular. In most cases, these platforms are designed to allow you to quickly launch something with just a few clicks and make it look good enough. They usually do the job well.

The problem arises when you inevitably need to do something that should be simple and clear, but the platform itself does not support it. In order to make things simple, many code editing capabilities must be restricted. Therefore, what you can do is limited.

Another problem is that when you use a paid platform, you are married to it. What you can do is related to the monthly fee you pay, and key business functions usually require a higher monthly subscription. In addition, most platforms have difficulty taking your data (content) out of the website, so switching is expensive and time-consuming.

The most important thing is that you do not own the platform you are using, so if you inadvertently violate their terms of service, your website may be completely deleted and deleted, and there is nothing you can do about it. The price of convenience is huge.

Custom development issues

Through custom development, you have no restrictions at all. The problem is that it is easy to create and maintain, because you have to build everything from scratch. For most small businesses, this is not a viable or affordable option at all.

If you want a non-technical content editor to publish content easily, you either have to pay for a license for another program, or write something yourself, or hope that you can find an open source program that meets your needs to implement it. All of this is required precious time.

Most small businesses don’t even have the budget for a small development team to create something internally or hire a capable agency. In addition, managing such projects is not easy. If you have no experience in doing this or do not understand the common obstacles, then you will be very frustrated.

When you create custom content, you must have a mature developer to make changes. Even with popular frameworks, it often costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars to find someone who can jump into your project, make changes, and fix bugs. For example, when I debug or add features to a Django project, I can easily charge 10 times the cost of work.

WordPress allows you to get the custom features you need without re-inventing the wheel. If one of the 50,000 plugins available does not help you, you can do any custom coding you want without limitation.

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Advantages of WordPress’ widespread adoption on the Internet

WordPress powers such a high percentage of websites on the Internet, and it is the de facto standard. This means that almost every software directly integrates with WordPress, because they don’t want to exclude all 40% of websites from using their services.

This also means finding courses, training, and professionals to manage your site is easy and affordable. As your business grows, so does the website. Ultimately, you will need someone to help you expand or manage it. Most professional designers, developers, content managers, social media strategists, and management assistants are at least familiar with WordPress and have sufficient supply.

One of the shortcomings of this open and accessible platform with such a low barrier to entry is that it is easy to hire cheap people, the work they are doing is of poor quality and needs to be fixed later. We have to solve many of these situations, and they are usually not pretty.

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Open source means you can control your website

There are two versions of WordPress. WordPress.org is usually what most people want: it is completely independent and open source. This means that when you download a copy of WordPress and install it on your server (each host usually has a one-click installation option for WordPress), you can use it to do almost anything you want, no one can Take your website away from you. This is called “self-hosted” WordPress in the technical community. You can run WordPress at zero cost in addition to your host charging you for the web server fee.

WordPress.com is owned by Automattic (founded by the co-founders of WordPress). It is a paid platform like Wix or Shopify. Although it is powered by WordPress, there are limits to what you can do. For example, you can only use approved plugins, and custom coding is limited to anything except CSS.

WordPress improvements are all done by independent contributors who voluntarily improve the code, debug it and make the platform better. This means that you have a collection of some of the best developers in the world who are committed to making the platform better for Provide support for your website without having to pay a penny for it.

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WordPress uses modern technology and is easy to optimize

Although there is a “WordPress way” of doing things, new features such as the block editor (also known as Gutenberg) use ReactJS to support everything, thus taking advantage of more modern web technologies. Most of the new features are JavaScript, but also classic PHP.

Optimization is very easy to implement and can be done in any way you can imagine, from SEO to hosting, most of the time there are “one-click” installation and configuration options.

WordPress is definitely flawed, and like any major technical project, it is always in progress. Like anything else, it is not suitable for all situations, but for most people, it is the most powerful and flexible option. It does not require high monthly fees, development costs, or restrictions on the number of best developers in the world you can add to support it, and it is very easy to train and find people who know how to use it.


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