Teach English online for any of the 18 companies we highlighted in this article. These are all working from home, and the company is almost always hiring.

When I study working from home, I often meet many companies who are looking for people who teach English online (English as a second language tutor).

If you want to work from home and are qualified to do so, this might be a good way to make money! Requirements vary from company to company, and salary is different (some pay $18 or more per hour!).

Some people want a college degree, and some people don’t mind if you don’t. You will also find that some people want language teaching certification, such as TEFL or TESOL.You can get a TEFL online here or TESOL online here.

In addition, sometimes the work will be done online, and sometimes it will be done via the phone and/or webcam. Below, we have listed online English teaching companies that you might want to consider making money at home.

Online English teaching-a company worth considering

The following companies all provide legal online English teaching jobs that you can complete in the comfort of your home. Certification, education requirements, and estimated salary vary. These are independent contractor positions.

VIPKid – Provide English tutoring for Chinese children, earning US$14 to US$18 per hour.read VIPKid comments here. Open to the United States (except California) and Canada.

EF-EF (Education First) -Read EF Education First Review – Now recruiting online English teachers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Teaching Chinese kids online can earn US$12 to US$19 an hour. A bachelor’s degree and teaching or some related experience are required.If you have one TEFL certificate Or commit to get one.

Magic ear -Read Magic Ear Review -Open to the United States and Canada. A bachelor’s degree or current university registration is required. The hourly salary is between US$18 and US$26, and a flexible schedule is provided.

Cambri -Webcam coaching. You can teach English online without a degree, and you can work at any time! Currently they need English and Spanish tutors. This is informal coaching-you are mainly engaged in social chat.Also, take a look at mine Cambly comments If you need more information.

Say ABC -Read SayABC review -Open to the United States, Canada and Australia. Native English, bachelor degree or above. Earn up to $19 per hour.

QKIDS -Teach English online for Chinese students and earn up to US$20 per hour. Must live in the U.S. or Canada and have a degree or are currently enrolled in university courses.read QKIDS reviews here.

Gogokid -Read Gogokid review – The website pays US$14 to US$25 per hour for online ESL tutoring (you will tutor Chinese, school-age children).

HAWO/51 talk -Read 51Talk Review – This company pays up to $22 per hour. A bachelor’s degree or current education major is required. Teaching experience is preferred (U.S. or Canadian education system). Monthly payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

Berlitz – This company pays $13 per hour for ESL tutoring fees. You must be a native speaker of English or French to be considered.

English hunting – Often hire someone to teach English online via video at home (independent contractor). Must have a four-year degree with a teaching or substitute teaching certificate. Regarding remuneration, compensation is determined based on specific circumstances.

GoFLUENT-Hire tutors in the United States and Canada (select regions only). This is a company I have seen.You can read Comments on GoFLUENT Here.

TutorABC (TutorGroup) – Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher. This can be in any field. You must also have one year of teaching experience.Read mine TutorABC review Here.

Open english – Hire native English speakers to teach English online. Must be able to devote 15 hours a week.Read mine Open English commentary Here.

iTalki – Work anywhere in the world and teach any language. As long as you are a native speaker, you are eligible.

SameSpeak-If your first language is English, you can apply. For every half hour of tutorial you complete, you will receive $10. In addition, you can register when you are 16 years old.

The light of learning – The company hires online ESL telephone teachers. The salary is monthly. They were formerly known as ISUS.

TEFL and TESOL certification-where to get it and its cost

Some (but not all) of the above online English teaching jobs require you to obtain TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) or TESOL (teaching English as a second language) certification before hiring you.

Even if certification is not required, having it is more likely to help rather than harm your chances of acceptance.

For an affordable TESOL certificate, you can pass International Open AcademyIt is highly praised by students, and if you register through Groupon, it only costs $19 (normal price $499).

Groupon also has English as a foreign language test You can pass the $39 course to obtain certification.

The course you should take depends on the company you are interested in and its requirements. However, it is certainly beneficial to have both.

Online English teaching job that does not require university or certification

If you do not have a university degree and certificate, but still want to teach English online, you can consider the following companies (some of them may also be listed above):

Want to do academic tutoring?

If you think language tutoring is not suitable for you, we have an academic list Online tutoring You can consider instead. Please note that these also require a university degree in most cases.

When we find new ESL teaching jobs on our website, we will also post them Work from home job leads page.

good luck!

The post was originally published on May 1, 2012. Updated and re-released on July 15, 2021.


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