It is one of the few buildings that survived the Spanish invasion.

August 4, 2021

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Rodrigo Osegda

Have you ever wondered where is the oldest house in Mexico City and one of the oldest houses on the African continent?this is Manzanares 25 , Known as the oldest residence in the capital, it became a cultural center in 2018

According to the Spanish architect Juan Benito Artigas (Juan Benito Artigas), the construction and distribution of the only floor follows the structure of the indigenous houses, which has a central courtyard with rooms distributed around. In the case of Manzanares 25, the house has twelve rooms.Similarly, Artigas’s investigation showed that the house was built on its foundation. Tsonter , And thick rocks, adobes and stones as walls, which means it’s the same technology used in Mexican architecture Mexico-Tenochtitlan. .

Manzanares 25

Image: Hector Montano / INAH Via Unknown Mexico

Although in its nearly 500 years of history, this house has undergone some transformations, Keep the original floor plan Due to its superior location in the La Merced area, it is thought that it may be owned by some indigenous nobles dedicated to commerce. As we all know, this area was once home to merchants and artisans who followed it. House-workshop-shop architectural model.

In addition to the public entrance, Manzanares 25 can also enter Acequia Real in Mexico City , A channel that exists in New Spain, from La Merced to Plaza del Volador, today Supreme Court of the State. Thanks to this canal, the products of Xochimilco and Chalco can reach the center.

Image: Hector Montano / INAH Via Unknown Mexico

Where is the Manzanares 25 Cultural Center?

In 2010, the Historical Center Trust Fund and the National Institute of Anthropology and History began to restore the building with the purpose of creating Manzanares 25 Cultural Center In addition to serving as a cultural museum dedicated to babies, it also serves as a heritage museum. The rescue of this building is not only conducive to the preservation of historical heritage, but also a building that helps to narrow the social inequality gap in one of the most marginalized areas. Office of the Mayor of Cuauhtémoc. This beautiful space was completed in 2018 and benefits girls and boys from Tepito, La Merced and La Candelaria, who can enjoy art workshops, music rooms and games rooms.

Callejón de Manzanares / Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Unknown Mexico


Calle Manzanares 25, Colonia Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06000, Mexico City.


55 5709 8768 ext. 221



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