Improve your writing efficiency.

Finding time to write is not easy.

Even professional writers get caught up in paperwork and marketing and have to scramble to complete the actual writing work.

But through careful planning and better time management, we can all learn how to write more works.

Here are seven tips for improving writing efficiency that can help you write more, even if your schedule is tight.

Writing skills to increase productivity

Try the following writing efficiency techniques and see which ones are right for you:

  1. Write the first thing every morningMost people feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep (and a cup of hot coffee!), so there is no more time to be creative than in the morning. If you can finish some writing before the shower, your day will be End a good start!
  2. Arrange a writing course. If your schedule is too full, and your life is determined by the notes on the calendar, then write down your writing time! Even if you can only squeeze for 20 minutes a day, you will see your output increase dramatically!
  3. Give yourself a break. Squeezing writing time between work breaks and lunch hours can help you increase your daily word count. Even a ten-minute writing frenzy can mean a huge breakthrough in your plot or the perfect dialogue you have been looking for. Because some of our best writing ideas will appear when we are immersed in other activities, small writing breaks scattered throughout the day can advance your project in small but important steps.
  4. you could Do it in the car. Don’t use pen and paper here, guys. Many mobile phones are equipped with a recording function, and there are independent recording devices and applications for your smart phone or other mobile devices. Use driving time to record your thoughts, which you can transcribe later. Extra tip: No recording equipment? Call yourself and leave a voice mail!
  5. sacrifice. In life, sometimes we have to make choices. Give up one of your TV shows and use this time to write once a week. Reconsider accepting every party invitation you receive and ask yourself whether participating in extracurricular activities such as community softball leagues is more important than completing writing.
  6. Request for help. If you have too many things on hand and don’t have time to write at all, try to delegate other tasks to friends, colleagues, and family. This will free up time in your schedule for writing.
  7. Turn off the internet. Need me to say more?

Do you have any writing efficiency tips or tricks you can share? Post a comment!

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