The more business owners put in to increase their influence, the easier it is to retain loyal customers and increase local market share.

July 30, 2021

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As the country begins to reopen, small businesses in all walks of life are feeling the pressure of having to deal with service delays and impatient customers. A large part of these service delays is due to shortage of workers. In fact, on May 11, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 8.1 million open positions In the United States at the end of March, this was the highest level since tracking started in 2000. However, as employers work hard to obtain proper staffing, it is vital to alleviate customer dissatisfaction by ensuring your brand’s digital presence and marketing efforts not to fall by the side of the road.

One of the most important tips is to ensure that the company effectively communicates service delays to customers. Try to set realistic expectations from the beginning and let them know why their services might be delayed. Creating an open communication process can not only help customers build trust in the brand, but also reduce the chance of customers leaving negative comments on online businesses.

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Another factor to consider for service delays is that consumers are searching the Internet more than ever to find alternatives. If someone sees the name of a company, the first thing they do is to check its online reviews. Actually, 90% of buyers will check merchant reviews before buying. Check your brand’s reviews daily and pay special attention to negative reviews. Acknowledging these concerns and responding to every review is crucial.

One of the best ways to display business reviews is to ensure that all listings are up to date on platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Bing. These lists not only help potential customers understand business hours, services, and locations, but they are also one of the best places to list company announcements. If these lists are not set up for the business, the most important thing is to start with Google My Business (GMB). The GMB list determines the information displayed on Google Maps, and is usually the first information displayed on the search engine.

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CDC is constantly updating its health and safety protocols regarding the return to normal. There is a lot of confusion and controversy about when to wear masks or whether employees and customers must be vaccinated to get services. The best way to avoid any uncomfortable situation is to publicize the company’s stance on masks and vaccines. From restaurant employees to HVAC technicians, let customers know if workers need to wear masks or get vaccinated. Never assume someone’s feelings, especially if the business is in an industry that requires employees to provide services on the client’s property.

Although some industries slowed down in the summer, other industries rebounded. For HVAC companies, the hot weather has brought the largest influx of customers in a year. For business owners, it is important to track their busiest and slowest time trends. If business starts to improve, please feel free to notify local customers of any potential delays. In order to catch up with the traffic, send an email before the peak season to encourage customers to arrange maintenance or inspections as soon as possible.

It is easy to become complacent when it comes to managing digital presence and handling corporate marketing efforts. However, the more business owners work hard to increase their influence, the easier it is to retain loyal customers and increase local market share.

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