With the increasing momentum of vaccine launches, Facebook users are paying more and more attention to health-related topics. The platform today has Announce Update its policy on the promotion of prescription drugs and the qualifications required for brands to carry out such activities.

As explained Facebook:

“We have long required online pharmacies to pass the certification process before advertising on Facebook. Now we are introducing additional pre-approval requirements for telemedicine service providers, pharmacies and online pharmacies who want to promote prescription drugs on our platform .”

Starting from August 25th, telemedicine service providers and online pharmacies will be required to provide written certification from a third-party certification provider originalThe drug maker must also obtain pre-approval from Facebook before placing an advertisement promoting prescription drugs.

“Only pre-approved advertisers that fall into one of these three categories-online pharmacies, Telemedicine Suppliers and pharmaceutical manufacturers-will be allowed to promote these products, they can only do so in the United States, Canada or New Zealand. These ads may not target people under the age of 18. “

Social distancing regulations have seen an increase in telemedicine use and online consultation, so Facebook needs to update its policies based on these changes to ensure that it protects users from potential harm or manipulation.

In addition, Facebook also clarified its policy on the use of medical efficacy, accessibility, and affordability in related promotions.

“We will now have three different policies instead of a single advertising policy covering a wide range of products: promotion of online pharmacies, promotion of prescription drugs, and promotion of unsafe substances.”

Facebook stated that this would better cover variable use cases and examples, and it also clearly established a The difference between the promotion of illegal drugs and other unsafe substances and the restrictive promotion of prescription drugs by approved advertisers.

This is a difficult area, but it is clearly on the rise, and as more people seek health advice and products, Facebook must ensure that it does not promote the promotion of deceptive or harmful treatments.

You can read more about Facebook’s new rules for promoting prescription drugs Here.


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