Monday, October 25, 2021


Twitter Adds Revue Newsletter Subscription Cards in Tweets

The new option will provide more ways to drive newsletter sign-ups from the platform.

Instagram Adds More Tools to Help Creators Maximize Branded Content Partnerships

Instagram's looking to provide creators with more monetization options via expanded brand partnership options.

Paid vs. Organic Social Media: How to Integrate Both into Your Strategy

Weighing the options between paid vs social media? We’ll save you some legwork: you’re probably going to want to do a bit of...

Instagram Shares New Insights into the Most Popular Pumpkin-Based Foods [Infographic]

Wanna' know the most popular pumpkin-based foods in every US state? 

Snapchat Adds 13m More Daily Users in Q3, Now up to 500m Monthly Actives

Snap's latest results highlight ongoing opportunity for the app, in various ways.

Twitter Opens Up Spaces Hosting to All Users on iOS and Android

More people will now be able to host Spaces, which could be both a positive and a negative for the feature.

Reddit Shares Rising Trend Insights in New 'Reddit Radar' Report

The report highlights key engagement trends from Reddit, which could point to rising areas of interest. 

Google Launches 'Google for Creators' Platform to Provide Guidance on Digital Content Strategies

The new resource will provide guidance and connection for those looking to maximize their online content approach. 
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