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2020 is a year that many business owners and entrepreneurs want to forget, no matter how it affects their professional and personal lives. Many companies were forced to close their doors, while others tried to persist as much as possible until they couldn’t continue.

Covid-19 also encourages companies to move to a fully digital environment. Retail stores are forced to only sell online, and restaurants have to switch to online ordering and delivery models to survive.

Although we are now technically in a post-pandemic environment, the stronger changes are showing signs of similar situations. Whether we will close again worldwide is uncertain, but one thing is clear: marketing has changed forever.

If you want to survive in the future, your business needs to adapt. There is no time to wait, delay or see how it turns out. Now is the time to evaluate your marketing strategy and make the necessary changes. Here are some important tips to consider.

Identify new ways of communication

For companies that previously relied on face-to-face interactions, events, and shopping experiences, now is the time to come up with new and innovative ways to achieve this goal. Today, almost everything has a digital equivalent, and consumers are taking notice.

Consumers like convenience and control. Take the movie as an example. Consumers do not have to go to the theater at a designated time and pay high prices for tickets and discounts, but prefer the convenience of Netflix. Cost is more attractive, and convenience factors make it a victory.

Social media is a great communication tool, as are video blogs on YouTube and podcasts. Live broadcast is also a way to make information more personalized without having to be in the same room with other people.

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Markets using relevant news

When everyone is forced to stay at home and work from home, savvy brands begin to change their marketing messages to connect with everyone. Content such as “we are all together” is often added to marketing messages to increase relevance.

If your product or service can be explained in a way that helps consumers make more connections with them, then the way to establish connections will be much easier. Also, don’t be afraid to mix in a little humor. Humor is a good icebreaker in times of uncertainty and pressure.

You can also combine discounts or special offers with relevant information. Such as “We know that time is difficult now, so here is a 20% discount code for your next order” will get a better response than discounts without additional information.

Focus on building relationships

Relationships are everything in business, and Covid-19 emphasizes strong relationships because everyone is forced to migrate to a virtual and digital environment.

Companies that had established strong relationships with customers before the pandemic performed better during the transition because the relationship was already strong and transformed into a continuous business in the subsequent ups and downs.

Imagine that you will not be able to meet face-to-face with potential B2B customers in the future. How will the transaction be completed? What value will companies use to determine their transactions? All this is back to trust. Focus on building strong relationships through transparency, strong communication, and simply expressing your concerns.

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Turn your marketing to mobile devices

Everyone, from consumers seeking entertainment to corporate executives dealing with email and work, migrated to mobile devices during the lockdown period. Mobile use has dominated, but almost everyone trapped indoors and forced to work from home is aware of the convenience factor.

Your marketing ads need to be customized for mobile devices and your offers and landing pages. Suppose everyone will be on a smaller screen. Make the patching of your conversion target simple with as few steps as possible.

Mobile website optimization plays a key role, and a pleasant user experience is of great help today. Consumers need it-it is no longer a choice.

Enhance your customer support

When the B2B industry shifted to online only, it led to more customer service inquiries. Things are changing, from the way orders are placed to how deliveries are handled. Customer service has become more important than ever.

Although customer support will make or break your business, this is always the case, and now you have to think more about it. As the company migrates to a remote team, you may need to adjust your customer service hours to accommodate.

Although phone support and email support may have been sufficient before, now you need to consider SMS support and live chat. Eliminating waiting time by hiring more virtual support agents is also a measure taken by more brands to provide better services.

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