Gone are the days of relying on MLA and APA style guides and blaming yourself every time you use shrink. In a content marketing environment, the more original your brand voice is, the more you can stand out.

In order to take full advantage of this, I have prepared a kind of mixed writing notes. Whether you are a master of writing or writing makes you cringe, here are some simple ways to add interest to your content to attract your audience.

Make good use of strength

Whether you are a trillion-dollar company or a small business, your content It should give a strong and thoughtful impression. In your writing, Delete weak words picture:

  • possible
  • perhaps
  • may be
  • basically

All these hedge words minimize the impact of your content-you want to sound more like a shark than a fish.

Call to action Is another opportunity for strong writing. Make sure your CTA is compelling enough to motivate readers to click on it. Use this mentality when editing and turn simple statements into strong calls to action. For example, instead of writing “You must watch this video now”, remove the fluff in front, and then write “Watch this video now”. simple. Strong. More trustworthy. More effective.

Oh, and PS, a negative call to action will kill a positive call to action. Take our example above to go one step further. Replace “Watch this video now” with “Don’t miss this video.” Negative emotions prompt readers to feel that they will miss it.This emotion motivates them Click on.

the most important is, Write like talking. Read your article aloud. Is it embarrassing to say it from your mouth? If it is, then it will be awkward to read. Modify these words so that you can speak them confidently and your readers can drain their power.

Read your article aloud. @LatelyAIKately said via @CMIContent that if it feels embarrassing to say it from your mouth, #content consumers will feel embarrassed. #Writing Skills Click to tweet

tip: Onomatopoeia is too profitable. Weave it like a seasoning and add the right amount of juuuuuuust. Liberal arts.

See what I did there?

The more serious the problem, the better

At my company, our biggest social writing taboo is the phrase “check out.” This is the dullest and laziest call to action on the planet. It provides a value of zero. If you do “check something”, you can’t communicate what will happen. When you don’t let people understand the value, the mystery can make people feel very rubbish. Instead, let them experience what they can expect if they click.

The verb is your friends, people. Provide a call to action, such as “Use AI to increase your engagement by 12,000% (not a typo) and make your eyeballs BOING.”

Look? Wow better.

Please do not boring. Long sentence without pause? yawn. No visual signal? Oh oh oh oh.

Long sentences without interruption? yawn. No visual signal? Gee tut. @LatelyAIKately said via @CMIContent, please don’t get bored in writing. #Writing Skills Click to tweet

Write with a unique tone and focus like speaking.use Italic, Bold, Ellipsis, brackets, and real numbers are not shown. This visual magnificence avoids a complete snooze festival. (That should be a bumper sticker.)

But be careful to overdo it. Because, for example, if you include an exclamation mark! integral! Rear! Every! word! them! lose! all! significance! Too many capitalized words look like you are yelling at someone.

Fix the most serious errors

If you don’t use spell check, put a fork in your arm now. Look, I understand. The word “restaurant” never seems right; “necessarily” is not must Easy to type, don’t let me start using your correct form. But spell checking alone is not enough.There must be at least two sets of peepers on the draft, check the grammar, make sure the link is clicked in the correct position, and evaluate it readability, and many more.

Then there is the most serious violation of your content-being unkind to others. Let’s face it, most people sound like bastards when they write. This requires effort. Stuck smiley. Please read aloud before clicking send. When you do this, ask yourself: What is your intention?

Prompt: an intent Content marketing It’s about asking someone to do what you want them to do—that’s the point.

Be compassionate. Remember, the reader at the other end of the content does not have time to interpret the intended meaning. Take the time to make sure that what you want to convey is understood. kind.

If you don’t use these writing-related skills, will your content sink completely? Do not. But the engagement I mentioned earlier has increased by 12,000%? This is promoted by following this recommendation. Just saying’!

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Cover image courtesy of Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute


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