The World Wide Web is basically full of information. There are various websites where people can find answers to almost any question imaginable. Many of these sites will make it possible to be paid as an expert.

But sometimes people want personal style.

They are looking for people with real-life experience who can provide more detailed answers or provide personalized feedback on specific questions.

Therefore, there have been several websites where consumers with difficult problems can seek face-to-face interaction with experts in different fields.

Most of these sites hire jobs from home freelancers to fill these positions, which means they can be a lucrative source of new employment opportunities for those with the right type of skills.

Below, we have compiled a few of these sites and provided some basic information about each site, so you can decide which sites might suit your abilities.

Get paid to become an expert-apply for these 11 sites

1 – JustAnswer.com (now actively recruiting)

Reply Allow people to consult with experts via phone or online chat. Payment is made through PayPal.

They match the questions they receive with the best experts currently available so that people can get answers in minutes. Customers can ask as many questions as they need to get the answers they are looking for, and can seek a second opinion when needed.

The company has hired experts in more than 75 different fields, including computer hardware, medicine, and relationship coaching in different disciplines. They are currently looking for many new experts, especially in the field of law and home improvement.

You can work at any time and there is no minimum or maximum hours requirement. If you apply, you must prove your qualifications by providing diplomas, state licenses, and things of similar nature.

They are open to the United States (except California and Massachusetts) and several other countries.

to here Check out JustAnswer.com.

2-Learning Pool

This is a website where you can register to help solve difficult homework problems.

Customers list the problems they have encountered and provide a rough price range that they are willing to pay. Experts can then bid, and customers can choose the experts they want to hire based on various factors, including customer reviews, qualifications, and prices.

To be hired here, you either need to have a higher education degree or you need to be a student currently attending university.

You can view our complete Study pool review understand more.

3 – Tutor.com

This is another website where you can make money by tutoring others. To register, you need to receive a lot of training in your chosen field, and you must pass a difficult exam.

They provide tutoring in a wider range of subjects than Yup.com.

You can communicate with students through advanced virtual classrooms with whiteboards and built-in chat functions. You can also use voice chat during the meeting, which should make it easier to express your opinion.

You can view our complete Tutor.com review understand more.


The site focuses on phone-based interaction. Customers choose experts that suit their needs and use the interface of the website to arrange phone calls, provide an estimated approximate call time based on the problem they are dealing with, and give three potential times and dates that they can easily contact to get in touch.

At that time, they will charge based on the suggested length of potential calls and the expert’s per-minute rate.

After the order is completed, the selected expert has 72 hours to accept one of the scheduled times. If he or she does not do this, then the customer will automatically get a refund.

Experts are divided into various categories based on performance and availability. Those who rank higher get a better position in the site’s search results.

To apply, you need to provide them with a LinkedIn profile or a professional Facebook page so they can investigate your eligibility.

to here Learn more about Clarity.


Compared to most other companies on this list, the site has a slightly wider range of job opportunities.

Here, your job may include answering simple written questions and providing telephone consultation, or it may involve more. For example, you can be hired in a semi-permanent capacity as part of a large project of some large company.

It only depends on your skill level and the availability of jobs in your area of ​​expertise.

Maven’s software will automatically match available experts with customers, but obviously this is not the kind of job where you sit in front of your computer and wait for the next customer.

From the description, this definitely sounds like a part-time position, unless you sign a juicy long-term contract as a paid consultant.

to here Learn more about Maven.


This is another company that can get paid by becoming an expert, focusing on telephone consultation, but their focus is quite different. Most of the calls to 6ya are obviously related to technical problems of various products, and they especially need experts who can provide telephone technical support or mechanical expertise.

According to their website, most calls will last about 6 minutes, and you will pay for each call you handle.

You do this through a smartphone app, which lets you know when a call request is available. You can answer any call you want and set your own schedule. Many categories are available, including topics such as audio equipment, plumbing, sewing, and computers.

to here Learn more about 6ya.


This is another website where customers can browse a list of experts and set up scheduled phone calls. The top ranking in their search results seems to be based on a rating system.

In order to get a higher ranking (which means more business), they recommend that you be especially careful and fill in as much of your personal information as possible.

Customers need experts with the best qualifications, so humility obviously does not pay off. Providing customers with timely service is also important because their search algorithms use response time as one of the factors in determining rankings.

to here Check out OnFrontiers.

8-Yes counseling

This is a website where you can be a tutor and get paid to become an expert through the chat interface. Unlike the homework websites mentioned above, yes, instructors are not allowed to provide answers directly.

Instead, they work with students to help them come up with answers for themselves. The company’s regulations in this area are very strict. It is obvious that they are focusing this website on parents who want to provide a way for their children to get help with homework, but they don’t want to worry about their children cheating using the service.

Yes, only three subjects are provided-mathematics, chemistry and physics. To apply, you need to have the appropriate qualifications in your chosen subject and pass a difficult test.

to here Visit Yup Tutoring and register.


The site handles all content slightly. Here, you can provide any type of consultation you may want. Their philosophy is that everyone is an expert on a certain subject, so why not sell this expertise?

Are you good at Photoshop? great. By registering on Ether, you can get paid to provide people with photo editing help.

Do you know a lot about business strategy? If so, you can set yourself up as a business strategy telephone consultant.

Do you have a lot of relationship experience? Become a telephone consultant and help people solve romantic problems. Basically, on Ether, the sky is the limit.

To start working, you need to set a rate and execute a procedure to transfer calls to your real phone number.

You will only receive calls from customers who have prepaid the per-minute rate, and you can set it up to only answer calls when you are interested.

Go here to learn more about Ether and register.


This website focuses on providing advice. If you look closely, you will find that there are many different categories to choose from, but obviously the focus is on family and interpersonal guidance and various forms of personal counseling.

You can set your own rates and handle your enquiries via the phone or the built-in chat interface.

you could Check out Ingenio here.

11-Skill Sharing

On this website, you can become a teacher and offer courses on almost any subject you can imagine. They obviously have a very simple format to create classes, and online tools to make the process easier.

One of the cool things about this site is that there is not a lot of censorship. You don’t need to bring any flashy qualifications to teach.

If you have enough practical experience to organize a decent course, you can provide it, and they will let consumers decide whether the things you offer are worth the money.

you could Register here to be a teacher of Skillshare.

Are you ready to be paid to become an expert?

This method of making money is interesting because it has many variants, and quite a few of them are easy to learn.Not everyone is actively seeking experts (except Reply Currently looking for experts in several different fields), but you can pay close attention to the application site to see when they appear.

Some of these jobs may also be very, very much profitable. People in certain high-demand industries earn hundreds of dollars per hour for their consulting services, and in many cases, all they do is sit at home and call, answering that it’s very important to them because of their previous expertise. Easy question.

If you know any other websites where you can get paid to become an expert, or if you have personal experience with any of the websites listed above, please let us know in the comments section and tell us how they work.

The post was originally published on January 17, 2018. Updated and re-released on July 20, 2021.



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