There are many flexible jobs in working from home, allowing you to choose the time period you want to actually work. Whether you want a daytime schedule or an evening schedule, there are a variety of flexible jobs in work from home, and the options are increasing.

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We have already written about some flexible work from home work in the previous article, although it is scattered everywhere. Now, we want to provide all this information together.

100 flexible jobs for working from home, including day shifts and night shifts

Below are selected positions listed according to each category. You will notice that some companies seem to be duplicating, but this is because they provide opportunities in these categories.


As online learning becomes increasingly digital, extracurricular tutoring is gradually adapting to this trend. If you do know a particular course and are keen to share knowledge, then you can earn some extra income by providing tutoring services.

Courses can be conducted through Google Hangouts, Skype videos, or a platform where instructors and students can interact face-to-face.

These are companies that provide home work in the education field.

1. Tutoring ABC——

2. VIPKid –

3. Aiming at coaching –

4. Jesus-

5. GoFluent –

6. Kaplan——


8. Remilon-

9. Pearson score-

10. Upgrade K12 –

11. ETS –

12. Learning Light——

13. Imagine learning——

customer service

There are many companies looking to fill their customer service positions, and depending on the location and job requirements, you can be hired as an employee or as an independent contractor. Below are some companies with different job openings.

14. Triple AAA –

15. Application –

16. Work Solutions-Read Work solution review ——

17. ACD Direct –

18. LiveOps-

20. Contract World——

22. Great virtual work——

23. Parameters –

24. Pierce Eislen –

25. Sedgwick –

26. S&E Group LLC. ——

27. West-

28. Alorica at home –

29. Television-

30. UHaul-read more——

31. United States Contact Point –

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Transcription, translation and linguistics

This is another area with many opportunities and high demand. You can act as a translator, transcriber or linguist.If you want to improve your skills in this area, you should take a look at this Free 4-day transcription course.

32. 1-888 Input –

33. AccuTran Worldwide –

34. Nonsense-Read reviews——

35. Casting words –learn more——

36. Hollywood transcription-

37. Quicktate –read more——

38. Looking forward——

39. Global Cactus-

40. Transcribe me-read more——

41. Go to the transcript-

42. Amphion Medical –

43. Literally–

44. Coniferous Tree Health –

45. MModal (formerly known as MedQuist) –

46. ​​Precyse –

47. 3 Play media –

49. Butler Mountain App-

50. Pastor –

51. Scribe –

52. WeLocalize –

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data input

This area is very detailed. If you do have some free time and pay attention to details, then you will do a good job in this area and make some extra money. Salary usually depends on the amount of work done, so your earning ability can be determined by you.

53. Smart people – read more——

54. Dion Data Solutions –

55. Consus –

56. Micro workers –

57. OneSpace –

68. Clickworker –

59. Great opportunity for the United States-

60. Vitac –

Web search evaluator

Web search evaluators perform basic online tasks to evaluate the quality and relevance of Internet-based search results, rankings, and relevance of search returns. This is a well-paid job, and the hourly income may be as high as $13.50. Below are some companies where you can find open positions.

61. Appen- Read reviews ——

62. Lion Bridge——

63. Team AI-

64. Labor Logiq –

Flexible bookkeeping

If you have some accounting skills, you can make some money by working from home. Bookkeeping includes keeping financial records, which can be done at any time of the day if you have time. Here are some platforms where you can find some jobs.

68. Bookkeeper –

69. BidAWiz –

70. Department of Accounting——

71. Click Accounting——

Free writing

Free writing is a way to express your creativity in the form of words. If you have excellent grammar and research skills, you can provide excellent content and get paid.

73. Wisdom Bread

74. Cactus –

75. TripleCurve –read more –

76. Love to know –

77. Squid –

78. Online Writing Work –

79. Hire writers –

80. Blogmutt –

81. Writer’s Interview –

82. The field of writers –

Online moderator

You can act as an online moderator at home, where you need to monitor Facebook posts, comments posted on blogs, message boards, websites, and chat rooms. The moderator will resolve the dispute, delete the offending or violating forum rules, and put the post into the appropriate category.

If you want, these platforms may provide you with some opportunities.

83. Metaverse Mod Squad –

84. eModeration –

85. Baby Center –

86. Zynga –

87. Live World-

Chat/email support

These flexible jobs at home require real-time communication or response to customer e-mail inquiries. You must understand the service, and certain platforms do provide training before starting.

88. Automatic –

89. Chat Store –Read reviews ——

90. –

91. Needle –

92. Weebly –

93. Sedvik –

94. Presto Expert –

95. Uber——

Survey object

Some people do like to participate in surveys and can make money from them. Here, you must answer various selected surveys and get paid in the process. Salary varies from company to company, but can be as high as $10 per hour.

96. Pine Cone Research –

97. Toruna –

98. Swagbucks ——

99. Wendale Research –

100. Opinion Outpost –read more——

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Virtual assistant

Virtual administrative assistants or virtual assistants provide support or collaboration to customers from the home office. They will assist clients in administrative, social, creative or technical forms. There are several companies that offer part-time work from home as virtual assistants.

102. Fancy Hands –Read reviews——

103. Time etc. –

104. Vicky Virtual –

105. Gabyville-

106. Virtual Office VA –

107. Virtual Gal Friday –

108. Bold——

Although I cannot guarantee that these companies are currently hiring, they do provide opportunities from time to time. I suggest you check this website from time to time for the latest information.

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